May 14, 2010

International Consultation on Violence in media and entertainment: Challenges and Opportunities

An expert consultation focusing on the issue of media and entertainment gaming violence is being called for June 2010. The participants in this conference will work toward a goal of contributing concrete perspectives and ideas on media and entertainment violence for consideration at the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC) being held in Jamaica in May 2011. The convocation is being sponsored by the World Council of Churches as the culminating event to the Decade to Overcome Violence initiative which began in 2001.

This consultation intends to explore how violence is fostered by media and entertainment games with specific reference to the degradation of persons and women in particular, how media and electronic games encourage violence and ways in which violence is celebrated and valued and the question of whether the portrayal of violence in media and entertainment games can be therapeutic or reinforces violence.

Dates: 23. Jun 10 - 26. Jun 10
Venue: Boston, United States of America

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